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Tips on how to protect against ransomware and mitigate risk

Tips on how to protect against ransomware and mitigate risk
02 Oct 2020

Ransomware is no laughing matter. Don’t let ransomware make your organization a victim. The five steps outlined below can help you maintain a constant state of recovery readiness. By keeping your backups safe and ready for rapid restoration, you can save time and keep your business out of harm’s way — and out of the news.

A complete ransomware strategy includes both reducing the risk of a successful attack and lessening the impact of an attack that does succeed. There are five things you need to do:

1. Create a plan
An effective plan is the foundation for a full and speedy resumption of normal operations.

2. Prevent attacks
Proactive steps to take include foundation hardening, application hardening, and ransomware protection.

3. Monitor your environment
Constantly be on the lookout for any anomaly, detecting the attack as quickly as possible to reduce its impact.

4. Restore your data
Perform fast restores with an intact data copy to quickly resume normal business operations and reduce the ransomware impact.

5. Test your plan
Perform frequent tests to verify you can meet your defined SLAs for high-priority data and applications.