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The unsung heroes – bringing to light the role of data backup administrators

In every organisation, there exists a group of unsung heroes: the data backup administrator. Their responsibility is paramount – safeguarding the company’s data. Yet, their significance often remains unnoticed until calamity strikes.

These individuals, nestled within the depths of the IT department, bear the weight of protecting the company’s most treasured asset: its data. However, their contributions frequently go unheralded until disaster rears its head.

Navigating the Data Storm

Consider a scenario where a cyber onslaught cripples a company’s infrastructure or hardware malfunction triggers data loss. In such moments of crisis, it is the data backup administrator who emerges as the unsung hero, orchestrating recovery efforts and salvaging what has been protected. Their expertise and swift decision-making serve as the lifeblood that guides the company through turbulent waters.

The burden on the ‘backup guy’ is immense. They must remain perpetually vigilant against evolving cyber threats, implementing robust data protection measures, crafting and testing comprehensive backup strategies. Each decision they make carries weight, as the repercussions of a misstep could prove catastrophic for the organisation.

From auxiliary task to mission-critical priority

A cyber breach or data loss event will not only cause business to halt, but it can also result in compliance challenges and significant fines and other penalties. Backups are no longer a ‘nice to have’, but alongside their increased importance, they are also more complex than ever. There are more data sources in more locations, the edge is wider than ever and there are more applications across on premises and cloud. Added to this, the flow of data between them is complicated and challenging to get a handle on.

The ‘backup guy’ is responsible for a lot more than in the past, and we have moved beyond the point where this can be an auxiliary role. It is highly specialised and mission critical, but many organisations only realise just how important it is when something goes wrong. Backups need to be planned, managed and maintained. They need to be verified and checked to ensure that they are suitable for recovery, and they need to become a business priority.

Harnessing external expertise

Acknowledging the magnitude of this responsibility, numerous companies are opting to outsource their data backup needs or collaborate with external partners. By doing so, they not only alleviate some of the burden from internal resources but also gain access to specialised expertise and cutting-edge technologies in data protection. Outsourcing also furnishes a safety net, ensuring that data protection and backup are handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

As cyber threats evolve, specialised skills are essential for effective data backup and management. Partnering with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provides access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise, allowing organisations to focus on their core competencies while ensuring data protection and compliance. In today’s rapidly evolving data landscape, leveraging external partners is crucial for maintaining resilience and ensuring business continuity.

The MSP advantage in a rapidly changing world

With a reputable managed service provider (MSP) you get the best of both worlds – if you have the in-house resources, they can effectively fulfil the role of a systems administrator, while the MSP takes on the specialist data management role. Having an MSP partner means having a pool of resources that are qualified and knowledgeable on the latest technologies, platforms, trends, and threats. They also have the advantage of more field experience than a single person, gained from exposure to multiple customers across different industries and sectors.

The world of data management evolves rapidly and constantly, and the core competency of most businesses is not backup. Leveraging an MSP means organisations can focus on their business, while a specialist partner focuses on ensuring that data remains available and protected, in line with best practice and legislation, at all times.