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About Gabsten

Gabsten Technologies is an established data management consulting company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa



Many organisations lack both the policy and technology needed to efficiently manage and understand data for business insight, intensifying the demand for better retention, access and recovery of business-critical information.

We address this operational load by reducing the time, effort and risk of any implementation, whether:

    • on-premise backup
    • cloud backup or
    • hybrid backup solutions

to protect the following data types:

    • physical servers
    • virtual machines
    • database applications, or
    • endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops and tablets.

We focus on comprehensive and cost-effective solutions by:

    • enabling you to implement a cost-optimized data management solution that employs different recovery methods based on your unique SLA’s
    • offering a single, integrated solution with a workflow automation engine for the entire process from end to end
    • eliminating the wasted time and errors of manual solutions
    • implementing automatic Data Recovery test and audit procedures
    • ensuring your organization can recover in a timely manner
    • leveraging virtual and cloud environments for DR purposes
    • minimising costs associated with dedicated recovery hardware and recovery sites
    • help you seamlessly extend your Data Recovery operations to any target, whether it’s on-premise or hosted in the cloud.