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Gabsten Technologies is an established data management consulting company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa


Data is any information pertaining to your business operations that is accessed via PC, laptop or server. This includes financial records, sales information, client documents, email communications, databases and image files.

Backup is the activity of copying data, be they files or databases, in case the original is lost or damaged. Backup has become a routine part of the operation for large businesses, as well as the administrators of smaller business computers.

Data archiving is when data is kept for long term storage. This data storage is done off-site and the data is removed from your local device to free up space. The data might not be in use however, it may need to be accessed and so it must be stored for future reference. Archiving is typically used where data needs to be stored for compliance purposes.

Replication involves sharing information to ensure that we have additional copies of our data stored for when our primary data is destroyed. Data replication is ideal for multi-site workload distribution and continuous availability.

Disaster Recovery is the process organisations follow to recover access to their software, data, and/or hardware that is needed for the organisation to perform normal, critical business functions after a disaster. Gabsten Technologies’ services and solutions address the data aspect of Disaster Recovery through backups.

File Analysis is defined as a comprehensive and actionable map of an organization’s unstructured data. File Analysis is designed to give you a window into the characteristics of your data.

The Data Discovery and Search capabilities allow end-users and compliance officers to search for data across computers and supported applications to find the information they need to perform their job functions.

CASP stands for Commvault Authorised Support Partner. Gabsten Technologies is the only Advanced Level Commvault Authorised Support Partner (CASP) in South Africa providing in-country support to Commvault partners and clients. We undergo stringent learning and assessment processes through Commvault to make sure we have the knowledge, resources and can offer the right level of technical support to ensure your data environment does what you need it to do.

CloudProtect is a cloud-based data management solution which allows you to Backup, Archive and Recover your data, either through direct use of the Client Platform or as a Managed Service.