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About Gabsten

Gabsten Technologies is an established data management consulting company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Reactive support and maintenance forms part of your data backup solution licensing, but what if your business needs extend beyond reactive support?

Monthly Dedicated Remote Monitoring Services is a practicable and affordable solution available from Gabsten Technologies and can be tailored to suit specific business needs and budget.

In a world where access to data is intrinsically linked to the functionality of a business, you simply cannot afford to lose access to your data regardless of where it is stored and subsequently backed-up. As a result, businesses need comprehensive backup and recovery strategies and solutions in order to access their data in the event of data loss.

To help organisations deal with this challenge, Gabsten Technologies, a leading data management consultancy and Commvault partner, has expanded its portfolio by adding Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) to its offering. This service assists organisations utilising data backup and recovery products to leverage expert skills and take advantage of proactive support thereby ensuring that organisations maximise Return On Investment (ROI) for their backup solution.

Want more information on how Remote Monitoring Services from Gabsten Technologies can help you manage your data backup environment?

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The advantages of using Gabsten as a Support & Services Partner.
  1. Expertise based on over a decade’s focused involvement in data backup solution support
  2. Commitment to ongoing knowledge acquisition through formal and informal training
  3. Insight and understanding of the backup and recovery landscape
  4. Awareness of the value of data to any business

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