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Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)

Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)
05 Feb 2021

Data loss has financial implications, whether as a result of lost productivity or fines due to breaches of regulations like the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA). In an already challenging economy, businesses simply cannot afford to not protect their data. However, the ‘new normal’ hybrid model of both office-bound and remote working, coupled with tighter budgets than ever, can make this difficult to achieve. Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) is the ideal solution to cost-effective data protection in a post-Covid world.


The challenges of remote backup and data protection

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to relook their data management strategy, with workforces now spread between remote sites and central locations. It has also highlighted the fact that Disaster Recovery (DR) is not a Business Continuity (BC) plan, although it does form a crucial element of one. Large enterprises have traditionally rented entirely separate offices and infrastructure as a failover in case of disaster, but with the lockdown this strategy was a resounding failure.

Cloud backup has become a necessity to cater for an unexpectedly remote workforce, however, without an effective strategy, data protection is challenging. People are notoriously ill-disciplined when it comes to working with shared drives and will often save files to the desktop or hard drive or email them around. There are also major concerns for business around power failures, endpoint security and physical device theft, among others.

The reality is that securing a decentralised workforce is far more complex, and organisations need to be able to implement efficient and effective data protection. However, budgets have also been affected by the pandemic, so an intelligent strategy is crucial.


Don’t spend money you don’t have on a solution you don’t need

The number one priority for business is to ensure sustainability. It is imperative to find a data management solution that ensures backups are safe and reliable and that you can cater for the remote workforce with agility. Yet solutions are never ‘one-size-fits-all’, and it is also not always necessary to implement all of the bells and whistles, or purchase the most expensive system on the assumption that it will be the best.

Partnering with a specialist solution provider can help businesses to quickly identify what they need and how to implement it. A trusted partner will ensure that solutions meet both requirements and budget, while providing the skills necessary to ensure implementation and ongoing operations run smoothly.


Support, service and solutions

Security is a must when remote workforces are involved, so it is vital that the backup solution includes integrated security features. These must incorporate enforcing password complexity and ensuring files are only permitted to be saved in sanctioned locations, as well as specialised ransomware and malware protection. It is also important to provide training for staff to manage the change, and guide employees to ensure they follow processes and procedure. With the appropriate solution in place, this is quick and easy to do. Local support is another important aspect, as the needs of the South African market differ vastly from those in Europe, for example.

The most important aspect for businesses is to not spend money they do not have on solutions they do not need. A partner that offers DMaaS can provide a solution that not only delivers the best possible protection, but suits the strained pockets of the organisation as well. Moving from a capital expense to an operational one ensures that businesses leverage the latest technology offerings at an affordable monthly fee and data is protected in the best possible way.


Businesses do not need an army of IT personnel to protect themselves in a post-Covid world, just the right partner with the right tools.