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Gabsten Technologies is an established data management consulting company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Gabsten Technologies welcomes another Commvault Certified Master into the fold

Gabsten Technologies welcomes another Commvault Certified Master into the fold
22 Jun 2020

Gabsten Technologies is a recognised Commvault support and services partner in South Africa for the past decade. With a focus on investment in training and dedication to customer support excellence, Gabsten is one step closer to achieving their aim to have each of their engineers recognised as a Commvault Certified Master, the highest certification level in the Commvault space.

Johan Scheepers, Country Head at Commvault says, “Gabsten, has served Commvault and our customers extremely well during the last decade. Attaining this status is a phenomenal achievement and speaks testament of a deeply rooted ethos, focusing and delivering on their core values which is the support and implementation of Commvault to the highest standards. Gabsten leads by example in keeping their team’s skills laser sharp in a competitive world.”

A Commvault Certified Master certification is validation that an engineer has an expert level of knowledge in designing, configuring, administering and troubleshooting a Commvault environment. It ensures an expert level of understanding of the advanced features of Commvault. Before the Master exam can be undertaken, candidates need to hold the Commvault Certified Engineer qualification, which requires them to pass the Advanced Infrastructure Design exam.

“As service providers to partners within the Commvault ecosystem throughout Africa, all our engineers are Commvault Certified Engineers. However, we need to ensure we deliver to the highest standards and with the highest levels of technical expertise. To this end, we have set ourselves the goal of having several Certified Master engineers by the end of 2020. With our third engineer now certified, we are well on our way to achieving this goal,” says Hemant Harie, Managing Director at Gabsten Technologies.

Not only does this further enable Gabsten to resolve issues quickly and to the highest standards, they also gain a competitive edge by delivering value-added offerings to partners.

“To become a Commvault Certified Master is not simply a matter of writing an exam, it is a journey of continuous education and improvement. It also requires significant in-the-field experience, as well as additional certifications, courses and milestones that need to be achieved along the way. As more of our engineers attain this certification, Commvault partners will gain additional assurances that we will be able to resolve their challenges,” adds Harie.

With a focus on empowering end customers to benefit from reduced expenditure on in-house resources, Gabsten’s managed services offering has seen growth in respect to the demand for proactive remote support of Commvault environments. This increased demand further drives commitment to specialisation, through hands-on experience and ongoing learning. Gabsten offers invaluable local support and services, where Commvault customers benefit from full utilisation of the data protection, backup and recovery capabilities of the Commvault suite.

“As businesses begin to rely more on managed services and remote support due to the global pandemic, it is essential to obtain the services of an experienced provider. Gabsten has been operating within this model for more than a decade and has the expertise to provide South Africa organisations with the data management services they require during this time and going forward. The Commvault Master Certification bolsters this experience and uplifts our skills levels, adding gravitas to our extensive track record and testimonials,” he concludes.